Chai Patty

I always find it difficult to choose between tea and coffee, which is rather strange because most people I know prefer one over the other. Tea-drinkers and coffee-drinkers are generally different clans.

Anyway, I attribute my confusion to the fact that I’m a Calcutta-bred South Indian. Like most South Indians, I love my filter coffee, but I grew up in a state famous for its tea.

Many months ago, I discovered a ‘teafe’ (hey, that’s what it’s called, it’s not my word) in Bangalore called Chai Patty. In an area known for its ridiculously expensive restaurants, I have to say, this place is a welcome relief. Since I’m broke all the time and too lazy to travel to other cheap places, I find myself going there quite frequently. They mostly serve comfort food, and they have lots of other beverages besides tea (but erm, you should stick to the tea). My only problem with it is that it’s a little too cramped, and almost always crowded.Ā 


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